I am here too!!!

Hello!!! I found the community!!! Thanks Marina!!!
My homework was on paper! But the main idea was: I have been studying english for myself!! It is main foreign language, in my opinion. I use English at work. I think I do not know English well, but I would like study and feel freer. I would like to meet foreign people. It is very interesting, I think. Our people are stressful,  they work a lot. But foreign people  smile on the street,  they happy!!! maybe it is wrong opinion, but I think so. I would like travel a lot. English - is very useful language in travelling. These are the main reasons, why I learn english.
Well, I think that is all for now!!!
With best regards.

I'm here!

I'm Marina. I've drunk too much coffee that's why I'm here. It always helps me to swich on a computer after work and serf the Internet instead of sleeping. Besides I'm here because I realy want to speak English. On my opinion it's very important in modern life, when many people all over the world can associate with each other. If you know English you're up to scrach. For me It's the main reason to study English.  I don't know what else I can write about it. Maybe also it'll  help me to get  a better job someday in the future or to met new friends or to find a foreign boyfriend. Why not. Maybe ;)
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