dilettaunt (dilettaunt) wrote in abc_blogging,

A thing I dreamed of

When I was a child I had a dream. I strongly desired to have a piano.

Not that I had got a good ear for music or wanted to be a great musician. Not that I wish to spend two or three hours every day doing exercises. But very sound of it fascinated me and when I heard our neighbour’s daughter playing piano, even scales, I was terribly envious.

In my dreams I had it – not a big black grand, as her, but the brown, polished upright piano like the ones which I saw in the nearest department store. When I was there, I often sneaked into the musical department, pressed shining keys and imagined how it would be great if I could really play. Then usually somebody appeared and drove me out.

I think that was it: I just wanted to be able to do such a thing, to play music by my own hands...

It was too expensive for our family though, so I never had my childish dream realized.


Then I’ve grown up, began to earn and eventually saved up enough money to buy any expensive toy I dreamed about…

And bought a computer.



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