dmitry_k_2010 (dmitry_k_2010) wrote in abc_blogging,

Dreams, dreams, dreams…

There is one thing I would like to buy. This is a … yacht. :))))

think that's great to sail a yacht on a long journey to exotic countries. It's just you and the sea… You can feel the power of the ocean and make friends with the natural environment. All your troubles left behind.The most interesting thing is to learn to handle the yacht well. First I would like to sail to the Seychelles.

In my
opinion it is a paradise on Earth. This place is perfect for leisure as well as for yachting, surfing and diving. At night you can see there the crescent moon horns up.

But it is not possible to relax all year round. To the yacht is not missed by the sea I'll take it to hire or to give to friends. I used to sail the yacht during my holidays in Greece. We sailed around the island of Cephalonia. It was wonderful and hilarious. Now we need to buy a yacht. Dreams, dreams, dreams…


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