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..something about changes…

In fact this story was ready already on November 7th, but one call to disturbed me to put it into our blog ))

A point in my childhood when my life seemed to change was when me and my friend first arrived to my grandmother on holiday. I was a happy person with healthy interests before that. We walked a lot, went to the disco, chatted with other teenagers in the yard , sang songs.

 And one day I met him !!

Me, my friend Natali and my new acquaintances was sitting on the bench in front of my house and chatting. And one of fellows said that he knew a cool guy and he want to be friends with us because we are from SPb and he likes this city very much. Except it this boy was musician. He played the guitar and drums very well. And he played in a band !!! ))) We couldn’t refuse.

This guy came with guitar , he played brilliantly and sang  in a sweet voice. We were really shocked. It was so beautiful!   

Since then I decided that I must play the guitar too. And my troubles have started. (But it’s already another story. ..) I know it was very stupid idea. But unfortunately I understood it too later. I spend on it so much time!!! That if I learned English instead of it  I would speak almost like Englishwoman now))).  I should add that my mother said me “ daughter ,don’t be stupid, please do something useful “ but unfortunately I didn’t listen to her.

Now I know definitely , WE ALL HAVE TO LISTEN OUR MUMS!!!

P. s.

Though if I did all right I never would meet your. But I’m glad that we all know each other :)



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