Nataly_abc (nataly_abc) wrote in abc_blogging,

Funny story!

I had got a cat. His name was Tim. It was cat without breed, but it was wonderful cat. Tim had a dream: it was sitting near the door, and crying. I was very sad, when Tim was crying. I bought special leash, and we went for a walk. Tim was very happy. It ate grass, Tim wasn’t afraid of anybody. Suddenly it saw a cat, a wild cat. They started fight. Leash was in my hand without cat! I watched this picture, I was afraid for my cat. It was very strange alive ball. People, who staid near us: were mocking at cats. For their – this situation was very funny, but for me wasn’t. Then, I saw, that my cat - drove away wild cat. People were watching following: wild cat ran away, after him, they saw – my cat ran, after my cat – I ran. We ran, and ran, while wild cat was disappeared. My cat was unharmed. I caught him, and we went to home.


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