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June 2011

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nataly_abc in abc_blogging

Funny story!

I had got a cat. His name was Tim. It was cat without breed, but it was wonderful cat. Tim had a dream: it was sitting near the door, and crying. I was very sad, when Tim was crying. I bought special leash, and we went for a walk. Tim was very happy. It ate grass, Tim wasn’t afraid of anybody. Suddenly it saw a cat, a wild cat. They started fight. Leash was in my hand without cat! I watched this picture, I was afraid for my cat. It was very strange alive ball. People, who staid near us: were mocking at cats. For their – this situation was very funny, but for me wasn’t. Then, I saw, that my cat - drove away wild cat. People were watching following: wild cat ran away, after him, they saw – my cat ran, after my cat – I ran. We ran, and ran, while wild cat was disappeared. My cat was unharmed. I caught him, and we went to home.


Hi,Natali! I want to define more precisely. what did your cat dream of ?
I also had brave cat,and it liked fight! Its face always was really contemptuous and aggressive, because when he was a child he had gone through two operations.Then his owner had left him. And after that his world outlook changed. He lived full life and also had many dreams. He alays came back home with a new wound. And I treated him. I like him and he liked me I think. Than he disappear. It always happend with cats, that lives full life and can do whatever they want
but only in this case they can be happy )). In my opinion people shoudn't disturb their personal lives
poor Nataly, u had to run a lot.
were u afraid to walk with your cat after what happened?