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Love and hate

 Hey guys, it’s been a long long week  but here I am at last and I wanna discuss what u love and hate about learning English. There are always some things that u are really good at and some just drive you mad, so what are they? 

As for me, I absolutely love learning new words and I do it all the time, coz as you remember, “None the wiser” is like some slogan for learning languages, the more words you learn, the more you understand that there’re still plenty of other words for you to learn.

 And I’ve got my pet hate, and it may sound weird but I hate writing, I mean, doing blog, or writing  some compositions is ok with me, but writing some formal letters, reports and proposals, the things you just must know how to write, I do hate them, coz I find them incredibly boring.

So please tell me what you love and hate about learning English



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