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June 2011

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Fly Away

my_digitaldream in abc_blogging

Love and hate

 Hey guys, it’s been a long long week  but here I am at last and I wanna discuss what u love and hate about learning English. There are always some things that u are really good at and some just drive you mad, so what are they? 

As for me, I absolutely love learning new words and I do it all the time, coz as you remember, “None the wiser” is like some slogan for learning languages, the more words you learn, the more you understand that there’re still plenty of other words for you to learn.

 And I’ve got my pet hate, and it may sound weird but I hate writing, I mean, doing blog, or writing  some compositions is ok with me, but writing some formal letters, reports and proposals, the things you just must know how to write, I do hate them, coz I find them incredibly boring.

So please tell me what you love and hate about learning English




Quite the contrary, I hate learning words. No, sometimes it's interesting, but there are so many similar words in english with absolutely different meaning! But I do enjoy reading and if I don't know at least half of words in the sentence I'll understand nothing.
Other problem - listening. I can catch sense of the text easy enough if I read it some time (even some week!) before. If not - I often can't distinguish words and there'is no time to comprehend what I heard. Perhaps someone can advise what's better, to read or not.
And about compositions. It's ok when we tell stories to partner in class (though I'm not very creative in that) but it isn't the same to place story about your private life here, in open for everbody blog. What do you think?
As for me I like speaking and writing. It's not difficult for me to learn some new rools, but I really want to kill myself when I understand that I do stupid mistakes! Unfortunately, I always do them.
If some new words assist in films, music or I can imagine association to them, I remember these words very quickly. If they aren't, I can forget them every time.
Listening is difficult thing too. Maby my musical knowledge helps me here, maby listening English songs helps, but last time I become listen better.

Hmm...I'm sure that I've done here a lot of mistakes.
for me learning English it's difficult activity. there is no easy things. but there is too disgusting moments. For example when we listen to recordings with English speech I always feel ill after that.
For me is difficult in English: listening too. They speak very quickly, and reduce words. When I listen Russian people on English: I understand all information, but when foreign people speak – not all. And listening – must help me in this problem.
I don’t like theme Articles, because it is a lot of exceptions in rules in English. I agree with Marina, that there is no easy things, or maybe I am lazy)))
Lazy? like marina? )))
I like speaking English with foreign people that learning English too,it`s easier for understanding,but they can make mistakes.I like writing and dislike reading,beacouse I always find so meny worlds,that I don`t know and when I finished read the text,I already don`t remember what was in the begining.