My new experience!!!


I registered on English chat! It is new experience for me! Absolutely unfamiliar people would like to communicate with you for everything. What are you doing for life? What are your hobbies?

I corresponded with boy from India, who has been studying English like me. He asked me: on what level in English I am. I tell him, that I was in intermediate level! I supposed, that it is good stage, and asked him: what was he thought about it: was it okay!!??? But I was wrong: he said: hmm somewhat ((( I am not sad, because I am optimistic!!!!

A thing of my dream...

I would like to have my own airplane.It is middle size,for only four people.It has blue colour with white camomiles.                                                     I`d probably fly to my relatives when I`ll want,because tickets always sold out when I need it and maybe to travel to different  interesting places in our country...What else?.. I imagine that I`m flying and suddenly see haw Yakubovich flying past and wave me!..It`s grate!

My dream))


Dream – it is a thing, which to possess unreally!!! All, that we can buy, or be reach- it is the purpose!  Goal to reach at times not easily, but, I think it is possible! To save up money, to be active! The dream – it is an unreal desire, or in its execution is very difficult to believe! And so! I dream to be the mistress of an estate! Estate with big garden! Such as it describe in novels: with big living room with a fireplace, an office for business management, with swimming pool, and private home  theater!! And still that there was a dance hall where it would be possible to spend celebrations and masquerades!!! Probably I have read many historical novels)))



A thing I dreamed of

When I was a child I had a dream. I strongly desired to have a piano.

Not that I had got a good ear for music or wanted to be a great musician. Not that I wish to spend two or three hours every day doing exercises. But very sound of it fascinated me and when I heard our neighbour’s daughter playing piano, even scales, I was terribly envious.

In my dreams I had it – not a big black grand, as her, but the brown, polished upright piano like the ones which I saw in the nearest department store. When I was there, I often sneaked into the musical department, pressed shining keys and imagined how it would be great if I could really play. Then usually somebody appeared and drove me out.

I think that was it: I just wanted to be able to do such a thing, to play music by my own hands...

It was too expensive for our family though, so I never had my childish dream realized.


Then I’ve grown up, began to earn and eventually saved up enough money to buy any expensive toy I dreamed about…

And bought a computer.


Dreams, dreams, dreams…

There is one thing I would like to buy. This is a … yacht. :))))

think that's great to sail a yacht on a long journey to exotic countries. It's just you and the sea… You can feel the power of the ocean and make friends with the natural environment. All your troubles left behind.The most interesting thing is to learn to handle the yacht well. First I would like to sail to the Seychelles.

In my
opinion it is a paradise on Earth. This place is perfect for leisure as well as for yachting, surfing and diving. At night you can see there the crescent moon horns up.

But it is not possible to relax all year round. To the yacht is not missed by the sea I'll take it to hire or to give to friends. I used to sail the yacht during my holidays in Greece. We sailed around the island of Cephalonia. It was wonderful and hilarious. Now we need to buy a yacht. Dreams, dreams, dreams…

A defender of nature.

One day at the age of 4 I was walking with my mother. Suddenly I noticed 3-4 boys who were broking a tree. I was really shocked and I asked my mother to stop them. She looked at me and told: "If you want to stop them, come and tell them something." I secondly was shocked, but one minute later I came to them and told: "Boys! What are you doing? You are hurting the tree!" I was afraid tha them would kill me, but they only went down the tree, didn't tell me anything and go away. It was my victory.

..something about changes…

In fact this story was ready already on November 7th, but one call to disturbed me to put it into our blog ))

A point in my childhood when my life seemed to change was when me and my friend first arrived to my grandmother on holiday. I was a happy person with healthy interests before that. We walked a lot, went to the disco, chatted with other teenagers in the yard , sang songs.

 And one day I met him !!

Me, my friend Natali and my new acquaintances was sitting on the bench in front of my house and chatting. And one of fellows said that he knew a cool guy and he want to be friends with us because we are from SPb and he likes this city very much. Except it this boy was musician. He played the guitar and drums very well. And he played in a band !!! ))) We couldn’t refuse.

This guy came with guitar , he played brilliantly and sang  in a sweet voice. We were really shocked. It was so beautiful!   

Since then I decided that I must play the guitar too. And my troubles have started. (But it’s already another story. ..) I know it was very stupid idea. But unfortunately I understood it too later. I spend on it so much time!!! That if I learned English instead of it  I would speak almost like Englishwoman now))).  I should add that my mother said me “ daughter ,don’t be stupid, please do something useful “ but unfortunately I didn’t listen to her.

Now I know definitely , WE ALL HAVE TO LISTEN OUR MUMS!!!

P. s.

Though if I did all right I never would meet your. But I’m glad that we all know each other :)


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Funny story!

I had got a cat. His name was Tim. It was cat without breed, but it was wonderful cat. Tim had a dream: it was sitting near the door, and crying. I was very sad, when Tim was crying. I bought special leash, and we went for a walk. Tim was very happy. It ate grass, Tim wasn’t afraid of anybody. Suddenly it saw a cat, a wild cat. They started fight. Leash was in my hand without cat! I watched this picture, I was afraid for my cat. It was very strange alive ball. People, who staid near us: were mocking at cats. For their – this situation was very funny, but for me wasn’t. Then, I saw, that my cat - drove away wild cat. People were watching following: wild cat ran away, after him, they saw – my cat ran, after my cat – I ran. We ran, and ran, while wild cat was disappeared. My cat was unharmed. I caught him, and we went to home.

Fly Away

Love and hate

 Hey guys, it’s been a long long week  but here I am at last and I wanna discuss what u love and hate about learning English. There are always some things that u are really good at and some just drive you mad, so what are they? 

As for me, I absolutely love learning new words and I do it all the time, coz as you remember, “None the wiser” is like some slogan for learning languages, the more words you learn, the more you understand that there’re still plenty of other words for you to learn.

 And I’ve got my pet hate, and it may sound weird but I hate writing, I mean, doing blog, or writing  some compositions is ok with me, but writing some formal letters, reports and proposals, the things you just must know how to write, I do hate them, coz I find them incredibly boring.

So please tell me what you love and hate about learning English


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